Instructions For Applicants



Project Requirements

An applicant's proposed project should:

- Respond to CIVITA INSTITUTE's philosophy and mission

- Focus on aspects of the built environment

- Show relevance to design issues in the Pacific Northwest and/or Civita di Bagnoregio

- Provide one letter of recommendation and contact information for two additional references

- Provide 10 images, a link to a video, or a CD or DVD with samples of your work

- Submit application online or by mail

Information and Applicant Qualifications

- Prior to departure, meet with the CIVITA INSTITUTE Board to discuss the proposed project and attend an orientation session.

- Upon return, make a presentation to the Board, reporting on the experience and the project.

- Participate in at least one CIVITA INSTITUTE sponsored public presentation in Seattle.

- In conjunction with the public presentation, prepare an article suitable for publication, organize an exhibition, or provide other publicly accessible documentation as appropriate to the project.

- Contribute a written summary along with digital images or other materials representative of the applicant's work for permanent inclusion in the CIVITA INSTITUTE archives.

- CIVITA INSTITUTE strongly urges applicants to study the Italian language prior to departure.

Evaluation of Fellowship Proposals

Fellowships proposals will be evaluated by an independent jury consisting of four Northwest design or arts professionals not affiliated with CIVITA INSTITUTE and one CIVITA INSTITUTE Board member. The jury will select finalists for presentation to the CIVITA INSTITUTE Board, which will then choose the Fellows. The Board expressly reserves the right to not offer awards should no suitable proposals be submitted. Determinations regarding exact dates, length of stay and accommodations will be made by the CIVITA INSTITUTE Board, based on funds and availability. The decision of the Board is final.

The following criteria will be used by the jury in the selection process:

- Focus of research and proposed methodology

- Relationship of project to issues of design and the built environment specific to the Pacific Northwest and/or Civita di Bagnoregio

- Proposed methods of presenting and sharing work upon return

- Realistic scope and time line

- Relevance of applicant's current or previous work and potential for professional development

- Education, professional experience, and goals

Evaluation of Residency Proposals

Residency proposals will be evaluated by the Board of CIVITA INSTITUTE. The Board expressly reserves the right to not offer awards should no suitable proposals be submitted. Determinations regarding exact dates, length of stay and accommodations, will be made by the CIVITA INSTITUTE Board in consultation with the applicant, based on funds and availability. The decision of the Board is final.

Location and Accommodation

Fellowships and Residencies awarded take place in Italy at a mutually agreeable time during calendar year in which the Fellowships and Residencies are awarded. No extensions will be granted. Teams of up to two members may apply, however note that airfare will be reimbursed for one person only. 

Accommodations are in autonomous apartments within the CIVITA INSTITUTE compound. Each dwelling is suitable for one person, though it may be possible to accommodate spouses/partners/family members by prior arrangement and at additional cost. Note that summers can be quite hot and the dwellings are not air-conditioned.

Fellowship and Residency applicants will have access to a comprehensive library of materials related to Civita and other Italian hill towns, as well as general material on architecture and urbanism.

Civita di Bagnoregio is located on a promontory, accessible only by a pedestrian bridge which is 2 km by foot or public minibus from the town of Bagnoregio. While some services (restaurants, etc.) are available in Civita, grocery stores, post office, bank, public transportation, and other services are readily available in Bagnoregio. It should be noted that there are no handicap accessible facilities available in Civita.

The facilities of the CIVITA INSTITUTE were generously donated to the CIVITA INSTITUTE by the late professor Astra Zarina and Tony Costa Heywood. Professor Zarina directed and taught the University of Washington's Architecture in Rome Program from 1979 to 1999 and the Italian Hilltown Program from 1975 to 2002. Tony Costa Heywood is an architect and resident of the CIVITA INSTITUTE.

Contact us

Fellowship and Residency Director Herschel Parnes at (206) 728-0602 or email us at Please visit us at:

Fellowships Application Period for 2014

08-01-2014 through 10-15-2014

Deadline (On-line or postmarked by mail)

10- 15-2014

Fee: Pay with PayPal or send check payable to CIVITA INSTITUTE, postmarked 10-15-2014


Residency Application Period for 2014

Open year around

Fee: Pay with PayPal or send check payable to CIVITA INSTITUTE


USA Mailing Address:

CIVITA INSTITUTE, 1326 Fifth Ave. Suite 654, Seattle, WA 98101. USA

A basic membership in CIVITA INSTITUTE for the calendar year 2015 is included with payment of the application fee. Please contact us if you are not on our email list or to recommend others to be added to our list.  We thank you for your interest in our programs. 

Hard copy applications

Hard copy applicants must follow the format provided.

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